How To Choose A Funeral Service

Are you looking for a funeral service? Most families do not conduct thorough background checks when hiring a funeral service. It is especially so since they are grieving and want to hold the funeral within a few days. Below is an article to help you choose a funeral service.

Reputation Matters

Reputation is an easy way to establish market leaders in the funeral service business. Ideally, you should assess business reviews on Google My Business, social media, and blogs. The general principle is to ensure the service has positive reviews and ratings. Nevertheless, you should assess the following.

  • Does the funeral service have accreditations from government and non-government agencies? These certifications prove that the business offers high-quality services.
  • Does the business offer complimentary services such as free counselling? They go a long way in ensuring families heal from the demise.
  • Does the funeral service have adequate insurance? It protects you from liability claims if an accident occurs. 

Assess The Available Services

As a principle, the funeral home should offer comprehensive services. Besides body storage services, the funeral service should help you secure a burial plot. Do you intend to perform cultural rites before laying your loved one to rest? If you do, ensure the funeral home allows you to perform burial rites on the premises. The funeral home must also help you organise events. For instance, you might want to hold a wake at the funeral home. Moreover, family members might want to hold a ceremony before picking up their loved ones from the funeral home. 

What type of funeral arrangements does the funeral home accommodate? In some cases, you might want to cremate your loved one. If this is the case, the funeral home should have a crematorium. Remember to inquire about the cremation arrangements. For instance, you might opt to hold a joint cremation if you are on a budget. Alternatively, you might want the funeral home to use your loved one's ashes to create family heirlooms such as jewellery. 

Your preferred funeral home must also organise transport services. For example, the directors should help transport your loved one's remains to the funeral home. Moreover, the directors should transport the body to the burial plot. You could also need bus hire services to ensure guests have an easy time attending the funeral service. 

If you intend to pre-plan your funeral, consider funeral homes that offer pre-planned funeral packages. This way, your family does not incur funeral services. As a best practice, conduct due diligence to determine the policy's conditions. For instance, what does it cater to? Will you receive cashback if you cancel the policy? Negotiate these conditions to ensure they suit your needs. 

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