Tips For Inviting Non-Asian People To Your Loved One's Asian Funeral

If you are of Asian descent and have recently lost a family member, you might be planning on hosting an Asian funeral for them. After all, you want to ensure that your culture's norms and traditions are respected and upheld throughout the ceremony that is designed to honour your lost loved one. Many of the people who will be invited to the funeral might be of Asian descent as well, but this probably isn't true for everyone. After all, your family member might have had friends, family members, co-workers and more from different ethnicities and cultures. If you want to host an Asian funeral but also want to invite non-Asian individuals to the funeral, these tips should help you handle the funeral planning and hosting in the right way.

Choose The Right Funeral Home

First of all, when hosting an Asian funeral, it is important to choose the right funeral home. After all, this will help you be sure that the funeral home directors and other staff members are familiar with the type of ceremony that you are interested in hosting for your loved one. It's also a good idea to choose a funeral that hosts both Asian funerals and non-Asian funerals. They can provide some great advice about how to host a funeral that will be true to your loved one's culture and preferences while also being welcoming and inclusive for everyone else who might want to attend.

Consider Hiring An Interpreter

Part or all of the funeral ceremony might be spoken in Mandarin, Japanese or another Asian language. As you can probably imagine, some of the people who might be planning on attending the funeral might not speak this language. In fact, this might even be true for second-generation immigrants and other Asian attendees, as well as those who are not of Asian descent. You may want to hire an English interpreter who can interpret the ceremony throughout the funeral proceedings. Then, everyone who is in attendance will be able to understand what is being said while they are honouring the deceased.

Provide Some Background Information

Of course, you will want all of the people who attend your loved one's funeral to know what to expect and do throughout the ceremony. You may want to send out a short guide of what to expect at an Asian funeral when sending funeral announcements. Then, guests can read this quick guide before attending, helping everything go more smoothly.

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