3 Reasons for the Popularity of Single Upright Monuments

When choosing a grave marker for a deceased loved one, the many options available can make the selection process difficult. That is why it is crucial to talk to a funeral director to understand the different monument options. A single upright monument is arguably one of the most popular grave markers today. It is a two-piece unit comprising a die (top piece) and a base (bottom part). Here are the reasons you should choose a single upright monument.

Ease of Maintenance -- Respect for a deceased loved one does not stop once they have been laid to rest. It should continue even after the funeral, and maintaining the grave marker is one way of showing respect. However, the type of grave marker you choose determines the amount of effort and time you put into maintenance. Low-lying markers tend to be high maintenance because you must ensure that weeds and grass do not grow over the monument. This could mean carrying out maintenance work every few weeks, which can take a toll on your schedule and finances. On the other hand, single upright monuments are low-maintenance because the base raises the die off the ground, ensuring that grass overgrowth does not cover the marker. In addition, it means that you don't need to clear the area around the monument regularly.

Better Visibility -- Usually, locating a loved one's grave a few weeks or months after a funeral is easy. However, as years go by and new grave markers emerge, finding your loved one's grave becomes more challenging. This is mainly the case with flat grave markers that are surrounded by tall monuments. It is even more difficult for family members that have never been to their relative's grave. With single upright monuments, you do not have to worry about taking longer than necessary to find a loved one's grave marker. This can be attributed to the extra height that single upright monuments get from the elevated base.

Accommodates More Inscriptions -- Besides choosing the right grave marker, deciding what to write on a monument is another problem area for family members. Many family members want to include their thoughts in an inscription. However, there is only so much space on a grave marker, and ensuring that an inscription fits on a monument is vital. Since a single upright monument comprises two pieces, there is enough space to include more inscriptions. This makes it easy to include a loved one's and family members' wishes regarding what to include as monument inscriptions.

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