Three Key Features To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Headstones Design

Headstones are an important part of a grave, and getting the headstone exactly how you want it might be trickier than you expect. There are probably a lot of things rushing through your head as you think about what you want on your loved one's headstone, and due to that amount of pressure, sometimes people can make choices they regret later on. While these are fixable, ideally you should get it right the first time, and all it takes is a little bit of perspective to sit back, think about what features you absolutely need and then ignore all the unnecessary extras.

Choose Complementary Colours

If you are going to have colours involved in the headstone design, then you have to make sure that they are complementary colours. There are many sources out there that can help show you what colours complement each other and what ones do not. While in some instances the juxtaposition of colours that do not go well together is accepted, that should be left to less serious areas of the design world, not a headstone. It is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to something as significant as the design of a headstone.

Keep It Short

Headstones should be easily readable, even by those who have visual impairments, and to do that, you need to make sure that the font of the writing on your headstone is quite large. This means there is not a lot of space for long eulogies or descriptions. Most of the time these passages and images are purely used to identify the grave amongst a sea of other, similar shapes. Those who know who is buried there should hopefully know enough about the individual to grieve in their own way without a lengthy exposition. A simple passage from a religious text or a phrase the person loved in addition to their biography is often more than enough. 

Match The Surroundings

If you have a full monument or perhaps some sculptures at the grave, then it is important that you match the design across all facets of your memorial, including the headstone. A mistake many people make is choosing one design or colour scheme across all different aspects of the grave, and this just makes a big mess of the location. Also, consider the surrounding graves and the graveyard in general and make sure the grave fits in neatly. The last thing you want is the grave of your loved one to become an eyesore. 

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