Are Granite Memorials Worth The Upfront Price?

Choosing the perfect gravesite memorial for your deceased love one is not a decision that most people take lightly. Considering that the headstone is intended to function as a grave marker for decades to come and, hopefully, outlive those who invested in it in the first place, you are probably wondering what material can live up to your expectations. With the numerous options available coupled with their varying price points, it can be easy to simply gravitate towards a headstone marker that will be the most affordable.

But if you do not want to be burdened with incessant upkeep and eventually paying for a replacement marker, you may want to set your sights on a granite memorial. Indubitably one of the more cost-intensive options, granite memorials offer qualities that set them apart from a majority other materials available. So what makes granite memorials worth their upfront price?

Unquestionable durability

Natural stone materials are renowned for their intrinsic durability, and this can be attributed to the fact that they are formed through extreme conditions. Nonetheless, several conditions that granite, in particular, is exposed to lend it its unquestionable durability. To begin with, this stone is created through the pressurization of molten lava. Resultantly, air pockets and gaps within the stone are eliminated, leaving behind a stone with tightly packed molecules.

Moreover, during the formation of granite, supplementary minerals, for example, biotite, quartz, and more, are absorbed. Hence, the resulting granite has enhanced durability due to the addition of the varying densities of these minerals. Therefore, irrespective of how many years pass, the granite memorial will seemingly be left unchanged, as the formation process results in a composition that is immune to weathering.

Exclusive aesthetic appeal

If you have not interacted with different types of granite, you likely believe that this stone is only available in dark hues and this probably reinforces your belief that it is a purely utilitarian material. But this is vastly incorrect. Admittedly, black hues are the most common colour that people are familiar with. Yet, the appearance of granite can be incredibly unique since this natural stone is available in whites, pinks and even greys.

However, since granite is not premanufactured, you should note that these colour differences stem from the mineral composition of the stone. Hence, if you have a specific hue in mind, it is advisable to consult with your headstone provider concerning what options are available. Take note that some cemeteries may have rules in place regulating the acceptable colours for the markers. Therefore, it is vital to discuss this beforehand before choosing a uniquely coloured granite memorial.

To learn more, contact a granite memorial supplier in your area.

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