A Few Tips for Choosing a Cemetery

There are probably very few people who enjoy the prospect of preplanning their funerals or making plans for their own burial, but going through this process before your passing can alleviate your loved ones from having to make these arrangements. This can also ensure you're happy with all the plans put in place for your passing. When it comes to choosing a cemetery, a funeral director can help with this decision, but note a few factors you'll want to keep in mind when making your selection.

 Note visitation rules and schedule

Your friends and family will, of course, want to visit your grave after you're gone, so note visitation rules and the schedule for visitors. Is the cemetery open on Saturday and Sunday? Is it open long enough during the day that it would be easy for loved ones to visit after work, or after church or other religious services?

Note if the gravesites are easily accessible and if headstones and graves are easy to find; a cemetery that doesn't allow headstones may look neat and clean but may not be very welcoming for visitors who want to touch a headstone to remember their deceased loved ones. Look at a cemetery from the point of view of a visitor. This will give you an idea of whether or not a cemetery would be right for your final resting place.

Ask about restoration services

Even headstones made from granite and other strong, durable materials will eventually need restoration work. This is done to bring back colour and lettering that might fade due to exposure to the elements. A cemetery headstone may also be prone to vandalism or suffer damage from groundskeepers. To ensure your family won't need to restore your headstone over the years, ask if the cemetery handles this work. If they do, let them manage it instead.

Discounts, decorations, and honours

A cemetery may put out special flags or other emblems during holidays honouring veterans, or set out flowers on graves for Mother's Day or Father's Day, or for Christmas or other religious holidays. They may also offer discounts for veterans, or may have special accommodations for those of a particular religion.

Whatever the case, never hesitate to ask about any discounts, honours, special services and other such arrangements for which you might be eligible. This can save you money and also ensure a more welcoming experience for your friends and loved ones who would appreciate special honours on certain holidays throughout the year.

For more information on cemeteries and cemetery restoration, contact a professional 

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